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Individual Music Therapy

$88/Clinical Hour

One-on-one music therapy sessions focus on the individual needs of the client. The board certified music therapist works to identify goal areas using clinical assessment and creates a safe environment that fosters growth through clinical intervention. Both in-person and Telehealth music therapy sessions are available.


Adaptive Music Lessons

$65/Clinical Hour

The board certified music therapist uses music therapy techniques to achieve the goals of learning a musical instrument by adapting to the needs of the client. One-on-one adaptive music lessons are available on voice, guitar, bass and advanced harmony in-person or through Telehealth.

Group Music Therapy


$100/Clinical Hour

Individuals with similar goal areas can come together to achieve their goals as a group through clinical music therapy intervention lead by a board certified music therapist. Group music therapy is especially beneficial to those whose clinical goals fall under the social domain. Please contact Tiana for group music therapy availability or to set up a group at your facility.

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